Slep-Tone File Lawsuit in Las Vegas Over Counterfeit Copies

Slep-Tone Entertainment Corporation, the makers of Sound Choice karaoke disks, have filed a lawsuit against 53 karaoke venues and karaoke jockeys in the Las Vegas area.

Microsoft Bringing Karaoke to Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox karaoke service that will be available in the Xbox Live Arcade.

Girl Sings I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Walking into a karaoke store and singing one of the hardest songs ever sung (I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston) as if you are born for that song is very rare. This girl (Zendee Rose Tenerefe) walked in off the street and does just that.

Jewel Goes Undercover for Some Karaoke in This Video

Jewel is a female singer and songwriter who has a large collection of well-known songs that have been sung at karaoke bars for many years all over the world. Jewel amazed karaoke fans with her own songs one night at a surprise visit to a karaoke bar.

RSQ HD-38 Hard Disk Karaoke Player Announced

RSQ has announced their new hard disk karaoke player will be coming soon.