Find Coupon Codes and Discounts While Earning Points With Honey

When you are doing a lot of shopping online for karaoke equipment or any other items is is always helpful to receive a discount coupon. We will talk about one of the best apps for this purpose and how you can save money on your karaoke equipment.

Karaoke Downloads at The Click of a Toolbar announces the release of their new interactive browser toolbar.

Karaoke Forums Launched - Join the Karaoke Community

The new karaoke discussion forum at Karaoke Players Info is now open and you are welcome to register and start a topic or join an existing one.

HSK-202 Microphone Karaoke Machine from RSQ

RSQ has announced their new Microphone Karaoke machine called the HSK-202. The unit will plug into the TV using an AV cable and includes a scoring function and SD/USB drive support.