Wireless Microphone Systems for Karaoke

Wireless microphone systems offer an enjoyable experience for karaoke singers and can be used with most karaoke systems. We will talk about wireless microphone systems for karaoke and explain what they are and why you should get one for your setup.

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphones for Mobile Phones

Do you want to have fun singing anytime and anywhere? Good news, you can with a portable Bluetooth karaoke microphone!

Deciding on The Best Mixer for Karaoke Systems

Deciding on the best mixer for your karaoke will depend on your set up, and I am sure you want to know what mixer to choose, so I will provide some insight to assist you selecting a karaoke mixer.

Tai Karaoke and How to Find Tai Karaoke Songs

Tai versions of Karaoke songs are becoming more popular in recent years and the number of karaoke songs in this language is increasing.

How to Get People at a Party to Sing Karaoke With You

You love singing and karaoke is a great outlet for you but getting your friends to join in can often be a challenge so I will offer some tips that can help you motivate them to join you singing karaoke songs.