Wireless Microphone Systems for Karaoke

Wireless microphone systems offer an enjoyable experience for karaoke singers and can be used with most karaoke systems. We will talk about wireless microphone systems for karaoke and explain what they are and why you should get one for your setup.

Wireless Microphone Systems

A wireless microphone system is a system that allows you to use one or more microphones that do not have a cable connected to the microphone. They consist of a receiver unity and a wireless microphone. The microphone will transmit the sound to the receiver. The receiver is connected to a karaoke mixer or amplifier with cables so the microphone is free to move around the room.

The connection of the receiver to the mixer is done with an audio cable. The cable will connect to the same input on the mixer or amplifier as a regular wired microphone cable. Most wireless receivers will have a microphone volume knob for each microphone and many receiver systems will have an indicator to show if the microphone is turned on.

The microphones are not connected to anything by wire so they require power. Many wireless microphones use a battery for power that can be recharged or changed as needed.

Ideal Features of a Karaoke Wireless Microphone System

There are many different systems available at different price ranges. There a a few features I strongly suggest you look for when you choose a wireless microphone system and they are covered here.

More than one microphone - Look for a system that supports at least two microphones so you can have a spare case of battery failure or so your karaoke event can run smoothly with the next singer always having a microphone ready to go.

Output connection at the back of the receiver - Having the output jack at the back of the receiver will let you connect it to your mixer or amplifier without having cable sticking out the front. This is a tidier approach and helps keep things organised.

Individual microphone volume control - Being able to control the volume of each microphone separately will give you and your singers extra flexibility to get the best balance of music and voice levels. Your amplifier or mixer may have volume settings too but having them on the receiver is extra helpful.

Recommended Wireless Microphone Systems for Karaoke

VeGue Wireless Microphone System - Simple budget-friendly microphone system with two microphones you can buy on Amazon.
- Phenyx Pro Wireless Microphone System - A wireless microphone system, adjustable volume and low battery indicator on each mic you can buy on Amazon.