Karaoke Forums Launched - Join the Karaoke Community

The new karaoke discussion forum at Karaoke Players Info is now open and you are welcome to register and start a topic or join an existing one.

The KPi community Karaoke Forums

The KPi community karaoke forums allow karaoke enthusiasts from all over the world to gather and discuss their karaoke experiences and talk about new karaoke venues, karaoke hardware, and karaoke software.

The forums are for everybody so there is no need to be shy because if you enjoy your karaoke then there is a place for you in the karaoke forums at Karaoke Player Info.

We do allow commercial posting by karaoke dealers on the karaoke classifieds forum so if you have any good deals on offer or new stock just arrived then feel free to promote them.

Registration is free which is why you should head on over to the forums and register now. After you register we would love to see you post an intro message to the community.

Here are a few clicks to get you started:

- Visit the Karaoke Forums
- Register for a free karaoke forum account

See you in the forums!