Portable Karaoke Systems for Singing Karaoke at Home

Portable karaoke systems are for people who want some karaoke fun at home or with friends and can be used with minimal technical knowledge.

A portable Karaoke system from WOW Videoke

Portable Karaoke Systems

Portable karaoke machines are an all in one karaoke player designed for home and small gatherings. These systems plug into most televisions and give you instant karaoke fun out of the box. The portable karaoke machine has songs built in. Some portable karaoke machines have the option to add more songs be purchasing song chips that can and inserted into the unit.

The modern portable karaoke system will allow up to two microphones with individual controls for vocal effects. Some models require the use of a special wireless microphone designed by the manufacture but there are many models that will use a standard karaoke microphone that plugs into the unit. The song reserving and other operations of most portable karaoke machines is done by a handheld remote control.

A portable karaoke system is often the cheapest and best value if you want an easy way to have some karaoke fun  at home. Most portable karaoke systems do not allow you to download extra songs or  expand the song list beyond the chips made available by the manufacturer.