MagicSing Karaoke System for Singing Karaoke at Home

MagicSing Karaoke has become a standard fixture in the households of many karaoke loving communities and continues to be one of the top selling portable karaoke device brands around the world. We will take a look at what makes MagicSing a good choice for young and old.

MagicSing Karaoke - Different MagicSing models.MAGICSING KARAOKE PORTABLE KARAOKE SYSTEMS



Establishing the concept of a portable wireless microphone system in the early 1990's the founding company Enter-Tech Co., Ltd. (originally named Kun Eum Co., Ltd. until 1995) has seen the MagicSing become an established name in the world of karaoke and one of the most popular karaoke brands around the world. MagicSing units are being used in homes across the world as a form entertainment bringing friends and family hours of fun in their own living room. You can buy a MagicSing in the United States, Japan, Europe and other counties around the world


MagicSing is a portable karaoke system that consists of a base unit that will plug into your television or home entertainment system. The unit has a large library of karaoke songs built in giving you a selection of songs to sing that well and truly exceeds 1000 tracks.

There are several configurations of the system available. Some additions include a single microphone while other additions come complete with two microphones. Every wireless MagicSing microphone houses the controls with buttons that give the singer easy access to a simple menu system to easily search for songs, reserve songs and adjust settings to cater for the singer's preferences.

The menu system and user interface of the MagicSing is easy for most people to learn and you can be reserving songs and singing them within a short time. Modern units have been designed to utilize high definition TV and have high quality music backing tracks to sing along with.

The amount of songs available to sing can be expanded by purchasing song chips which contain additional songs. The song chips are inserted into the unit and the songs become available in the menu system along with the built in song library. Many song chips cater for songs in different languages and they are also a good way to modernize your MagicSing song library with songs of today.

The MagicSing is ideal for households who want a karaoke system that is easy to use and powerful enough to provide hours of fun for amateur and professional singers.

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