Karaoke on Demand KOD-7+ HDD Karaoke Player

Karaoke on Demand is a state-of-the-art hard disk karaoke system for a public place or home karaoke.

Karaoke on Demand (KOD-7+)

This article was originally written in 2013. Currently these KOD players
are hard to find and purchase and they are based on older technology.

Here are a few other suggestions to try if you can not get a KOD system:


The karaoke on demand (KOD-7+) karaoke system is a digital media player supporting the most popular karaoke and video files. The player comes shipped with software to transfer karaoke files from your computer to the hard disk inside the unit. With support for up to 2TB of hard disk space, you will have plenty of karaoke available to you at your karaoke parties.

The unit has controls on the front panel for direct access to songs and also has a mixer to control the volume and echo output for the microphones. You can connect two microphones to the front of the machine.

The system has support for two monitors with separate RCA outputs and also has one VGA output. You can use a coin collector if you want to use the machine in a commercial establishment and sell access to the system. You can restrict the system usage by time limit so patrons can pay and access the system for a set amount of time. A password will be required to disable the time limit which can be set by you.

Finding songs is easy using the search options. You can search by singer (artist), song title, amount of words in the song title, and more.

Software is provided to transfer (add up) songs to the player. You can also edit the advertising the unit will display on the screen by using the provided software. Adding songs is quick and we have had no problems with the files we have added. Adding songs from a computer requires you to enter a special USB mode from the settings menu but this procedure is clearly explained in the user manual.

Here are some of the stand out features:

  • The first MP3+G dual-screen hard drive karaoke system in the world
  • Supports single or dual-screen (TV+VGA) for song selection
  • Can play over 30,000 MTV vocal songs of different languages
  • Supports up to 2TB SATA 3.5" standard hard drive
  • Easily add up new songs thru SD or high-speed USB cable to pc
  • Supports DAT, MP3, MP3G, VOB, AVI, Divx, Xvid, MPG multi-format
  • Easy to transfer DVDs, VCDs, CD+Gs, MP3Gs, DivX, AVI, and audio CDs into the hard drive via USB using Windows PC software
  • Select songs by SONG NO., ARTIST, SONGS TITLE, LANGUAGE, etc
  • Build-in professional karaoke mixer lets you can plug to TV and sing directly
  • Supports VGA video output for up to 720P resolution
  • Full functions of karaoke such as Echo, Key, Mic Vol, Tone(Bass&Treble), etc
  • Movie / Video playback functions to use this player as a video-on-demand player
  • Instant access to song library by remote control, touch screen, or PS/2 mouse
  • Supports external coin selector,ideal to be commercial use

Things we like about this player:

- Can support a hard disk up to 2TB. Easy to load up songs from PC using supplied USB cable and software. You can easily edit song titles and information using the supplied PC software.
- The system can play a large variety of video files including so most karaoke songs will play on this system.
- There is support for multiple monitors so the current performer doesn't get interference from other people booking songs. This is a feature that makes it great for commercial use and is brilliant for private karaoke parties if you have a lot of people booking songs.
- Echo and Volume dials and song selection buttons are on the front panel for easy access without a remote.
- Supports touch screen with a nice looking touch screen menu system.
- Supports standard mouse and keyboard connections in the back of the unit.
- Computer software can be used to edit advertising on the unit. Change the text and image ads displayed to the performers.
- Song list can be exported to a database using the provided software. The exported file can be loaded into an excel spreadsheet or karaoke songbook software.

Things we found disturbing or that need improvement:

- VGA menu is not flexible and no ability to remove unused options in the singer search menu such as Chinese/HK singers if you only have English songs on the hard disk. The VGA menus look the same as the older portable karaoke players and are very plain and not fancy-looking.
- Slow start-up time when starting up the unit.
- Full access to the system options will require the remote control. We should even things out and be reminded that many TV makers do this too but it is annoying.

To conclude we find the Karaoke on Demand  (KOD-7+) to be a good karaoke system with a lot of potential for commercial and residential use. The system is user-friendly so patrons will have no problems operating the machine and the basic song booking functions can be accessed from the remote control and front panel making it good for a karaoke bar and the home karaoke enthusiast.


- You can sometimes buy the Karaoke On Demand (KOD) online at Amazon but it is not an old unit and many other options are available.