Hard Disk Karaoke Systems for Home and Karaoke Venues

Hard disk karaoke systems deliver professional karaoke entertainment and we will explain more about them and the features that are common to most HDD karaoke players.


Hard Disk Karaoke Systems - RSQ HD-787 320GB Karaoke PlayerHard Disk Karaoke Systems COULD BE THE FUTURE

Hard disk (HDD) karaoke systems are also known as HDD karaoke system or karaoke jukeboxes.

Hard disk karaoke players contain an internal hard drive similar to the one in your desktop computer. The karaoke files are stored on the hard drive.

This type of karaoke system is popular choice for karaoke bars and for commercial uses. There are less moving parts on this type of system because there is less need to open and close the CD tray on a regular bases which makes them robust and a good choice for regular use.

The professional HDD karaoke player will play karaoke files in most formats making them a flexible option if you require a large karaoke song collection.

Some HDD karaoke players allow song reserving and other controls from the front panel of the unit as well as a handheld remote control.

Expanding the karaoke library can be done by importing or downloading karaoke files and adding them to the system by downloading karaoke songs from a karaoke download store and using them on your hard disk karaoke player. This makes them ideal for the KJ who doesn't want to carry disks around everywhere.

One popular hard disk karaoke system is called Karaoke On Demand which we have reviewed here.