Complete Karaoke Systems

Complete karaoke systems are popular with karaoke bars and karaoke hire companies because they offer a turnaround solution to the karaoke event host.



A complete karaoke system can vary from one set up to another but the most common setups will consist of a karaoke player, sound mixer, speakers, amplifier, and microphones.

A complete karaoke system can come in separate components to be arranged to your desire making them a good choice for home karaoke enthusiasts. Complete karaoke systems are also available in a compact case with everything stacked into a neat and portable case which is what karaoke equipment hire companies usually use.

You can purchase these complete karaoke kits from most karaoke specialty stores.

The price of a complete karaoke system will vary depending on the brand name and the place of purchase. You can purchase a complete karaoke system from most good online karaoke stores or your local karaoke store.

Below are some stores selling complete karaoke systems. We believe these stores sell good quality equipment at competitive prices but please do your own price comparisons before your purchase.