Sing Karaoke Online for a Worldwide Karaoke Party

Sing karaoke online with friends or other people all over the world and enjoy a 24 hours karaoke party. We have outlined a few of the best websites offering a sing karaoke online service.

Sing Karaoke Online

Sing Karaoke Online with PROFESSIONAL Online Karaoke Services

Whether you are home on your own and feel like singing with other people or are having a karaoke party with friends and don’t have a karaoke system available there are many online karaoke services that provide a way for you to sing karaoke online from your computer or laptop/notebook. All you need to use these services is a microphone and a computer connected to the Internet.

Sing Karaoke Online with THESE FREE Online Karaoke Services

SingSnap - Singsnap provides an online karaoke player with 1000’s of songs. You can use a webcam and record your performances to show other SingSnap members. SingSnap is free.

KaraokeParty - KaraokeParty is a music service that let users sing karaoke, practice singing and challenge friends. Registration s free.

RedKaraoke - RedKaraoke is a free service for people who love to sing karaoke. The service is in ‘beta’ and undergoing testing but you can register for free and record your performances. RedKaraoke is available on most smartphones, tablets and can be viewed on a computer or TV screen.