Music for Karaoke and How to Find Karaoke Music

Music for karaoke is different from most other music because the lead vocals are removed to allow you as the singer to be the star of the song.

Find Music for Karaoke Players

Karaoke music is usually recorded by special companies who make sure they record the music for karaoke without violating any copyright laws and keep the song close to the original so you will be familiar with the tune.

The soundtrack of a karaoke song often has the lead vocals removed so you can be the lead singer. Some karaoke music has a lead vocal track that can be turned off using settings on your karaoke machine but most music for karaoke is recorded without lead vocals.

Music for karaoke can be purchased from your local karaoke store or online. Many major stores sell karaoke music on disk and there is a lot of karaoke music on sale at eBay and other auction sites. Make sure when you purchase music for karaoke that you are buying an original copy and not a pirated version.

The most popular way to buy music for karaoke in the past has been on a disk. Special karaoke disks called CDG or CD+G are the most popular type of karaoke disk and some companies also release music for karaoke on DVD and Video CD (VCD) disks. The more modern way to get the music for your karaoke machine is to download the music for a legal karaoke download store. This will also let you create your own custom karaoke CD and karaoke collection.