MIDI Karaoke Explained including How MIDI Karaoke Works

MIDI Karaoke is a type of karaoke file that uses a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file to play the music and store lyrics.

MIDI KaraokeMIDI Karaoke for The Digital Musician

A MIDI file does not contain any audio or video information within the file. The MIDI file contains data that is sent to a digital musical instrument by the karaoke player software telling it what notes to play.

Using a computer for MIDI karaoke is a common way to get stared with MIDI karaoke. The instruments are small sound files stored on the computer and the MIDI karaoke file triggers each instrument to create the sound. A MIDI file is typically smaller in size than other karaoke file formats because there is no video or sound stored within the file.

The song lyrics are stored inside the MIDI file and most MIDI karaoke players will display the lyrics to co-ordinate with the notes of the song being played.

MIDI karaoke players are often on the cheaper end of the price range so if you are in a very tight budget then MIDI karaoke is a good option for you to explore. There are many MIDI karaoke songs available for free.

Note: before you download, use or broadcast any 'free' music please do your own research regarding the licensing rights in relation to the songs you are using.