Karaoke Microphone Covers and Choosing a Microphone Cover

Microphone covers are useful to protect your microphone when there are a lot of people singing karaoke because they protect the microphone from the spit that comes out of a singer when they sing and they help reduce the noise of wind when a singer breaths too close the the microphone. I will show you what a microphone cover is with places to buy a microphone cover.

Microphone Covers Explained

When you have many people using a karaoke microphone handing it around from singer to singer it is important to keep the microphone clean. The most effective way to do this is to use a foam cover that slides over the top of the microphone and covers the tip to protect it.

These foam covers are not expensive to buy and can be purchased at most music stores online and offline. I recommend buying more than one at a time because after a long karaoke night with a lot of people you may find the foam cover is too dirty to use again or gets damaged.

You can wash a foam microphone cover with water whe it is not attached to a micrpohone but make sure it is completely dry before using it with any microphones.

Microphone Cover Types

When it comes to these covers most of them will fit any karaoke microphone but it it still a good idea to make sure the cover you buy is the right size for your microphone.  Round microphone covers will fit most karaoke microphones with a round top but if you are using a special microphone with an unusual shape I suggest you make sure the foam cover will fit correctly.

Have A Look at Some of My Recommendations

I understand you may not know what microphone covers to buy so I will recommend some I prefer to use.

Mudder 5 Pack Foam Mic CoverMicrophone Covers - This pack of 5 black covers will fit most karaoke microphones and are easy on the budget.

Bluecell 9 Pack of Black/Blue/Brown/Green/Hot Pink/Orange/Purple/Yellow/Red Microphone CoversMic Covers for Karaoke - These bright covers will add some character to your microphone and look good at any karaoke party. There are 9 windscreen foam microphone covers in this pack.