Laptop Karaoke Systems Explained and Laptop Karaoke Software

Laptop karaoke systems are increasing in popularity amongst KJ operators who are often on the move. We will tell you about laptop karaoke systems and the benefits of using a laptop in the core of a karaoke system.


A laptop is also commonly known as a notebook which is a portable computer. A laptop that is going to be used as a karaoke machine will need to be powerful enough to run special karaoke hosting software which will handle the song list and playing of the music and lyrics.

Connecting a karaoke laptop to a sound system is usually an easy thing to do because the laptop will have an audio-out connection built into it which can connect to almost any amplifier or mixer with the correct cable. Make sure you have the correct cable to match the size plugs your laptop has. Some karaoke laptops will have a separate video-out connection to allow for the connection to an external TV or monitor which will be a lot better if you have a crown and a lot of people singing. If you are using your system at home or on your own then the built in screen will often be enough.


If you want to host a karaoke night using your laptop you will need some karaoke hosting software to keep the event running smoothly. There are several good karaoke hosting packages available including PCDJ KARAOKI Software which allows you to run a karaoke event using a laptop or desktop computer. If you want to take a simple approach and just play individual karaoke songs you can use some of the free karaoke player software we have mentioned in other articles here at Karaoke Players Info.

Benefits of A laptop karaoke system

Using a laptop karaoke system is ideal for people who want a large expandable song collection and need it to be portable. A laptop can load songs from an external USB drive, SD card, and the built-in hard disk. if you are confident with computers and are willing to spend time learning the software then a laptop base karaoke system may be a good option for you.