Karaoke Speakers Explained and How to Buy Karaoke Speakers

Karaoke speakers are an important feature of any karaoke system and the right karaoke speakers can make a big difference to the sound quality of your setup.

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Karaoke speakers can be floor-standing or wall mountable or even fit on your bookshelf. Special karaoke speakers are sometimes designed to sound louder and produce a natural and clear vocal sound. Professional karaoke speakers often have overload protection to prevent damage. Some karaoke speakers have special features like built-in LED lights that turn on and off with the beat of the music to make the karaoke experience more entertaining. Always listen to the sound and make sure they are a good sounding speaker and will be suitable for the room or environment you will be using it in (home, hall, outdoor etc). if you can not hear the speaker in use before you purchase it then do some reading to find out what type of speaker you should use for your set-up.

If you will be using your karaoke setup for performances to an audience then PA speakers are often the popular choice. PA speakers are designed to work at louder volume levels and will connect to almost any amplifier and mixer.

Home stereo karaoke speakerHome stereo speakers are great for your home karaoke system when only a small crowd will attend and the volume level does not need to be very loud. Home stereo speakers are easily damaged by sudden noises, feedback and loud music so extra care is needed when using stereo speakers for karaoke.

Protect your Speakers

Speakers are designed to stand a set amount of sound and this will be different between each model. Some tips to help you look after your speakers:

  1. Make sure you know the maximum output each speaker can handle and do not allow the amplifier to go above that volume. We recommend you always stay %10 under the maximum speaker output level to be extra safe.
  2. Avoid feedback. Feedback is caused when you have the microphone close to the speaker. You know it when you hear a high pitch squeal from the speaker or low humming noise when you have the microphone near the speaker. This can damage the speaker. Make sure you have the volume level adjusted to allow for this if your singers will be singing close to the speaker.
  3. Avoid sudden noises, pops, dropping the microphone. Sudden pops sent into the microphone can damage the speaker. Try to avoid placing the microphone down too heavily or dropping it. Many microphones come with an off or mute switch so you can turn off the microphone when you will be putting it down on a solid surface or when it is not in use.


- There are some great shops to buy speakers that can be found in the links section of karaokeplayers.info.

- Amazon.com also sell a range of karaoke speakers including models from popular brands like Rockville and VocoPro.