Karaoke Songbooks and How to Make Your Own Karaoke Songbook

Karaoke songbooks are a useful tool that assist your karaoke event guests picking songs to sing. Learn about karaoke songbooks and read some tips on creating your own karaoke songbook.

Karaoke Songbooks

A karaoke songbook can make a karaoke session run smoothly because your guests can easily find the songs they want to sing.

Many of the all in one karaoke systems available in stores will be supplied with a songbook in the box but if you have downloaded your karaoke music or taken them for a CD to be played from USB, SD card or internal hard drive in your karaoke player you can make your own songbook to include those songs.

A karaoke songbook typically contains the song name, artist who made the song popular and the song number for booking or reserving the song on the karaoke system.

Make Your Own Karaoke Songbook

You can create a karaoke songbook using standard spreadsheet software such as excel or open office which will allow you maintain a list of songs and easily update the list when you add or remove songs. The spreadsheet can be formatted with a nice layout for printing or imported into other software for style and layout formatting and printing.

Another popular way to create a songbook is to use karaoke songbook creation software. This software can be used to manage your song list and print your songbook. Some songbook software will allow you to import an existing song list from your own database and many come with a database supplied containing song numbers and information for popular karaoke collection disks.

Benefits of a Karaoke Songbook

Using a karaoke songbook at your karaoke event can assist your guests by giving them a quick reference to the songs available for singing. This will allow the event host or your guests to quickly reserve the songs they want to song.