Karaoke Songbook Software – About Karaoke Songbook Creation Software

Karaoke songbook software can be used to design and print your own karaoke songbook. We will talk about some common features of karaoke songbook software and highlight some stand-out software in the industry.

Karaoke songbook software and karaoke songbook creation softwareAbout Karaoke SONGBOOK Software

A karaoke songbook will contain a list of songs that include the song title, artist name, and a unique song number that needs to be entered into the karaoke player to reserve the song for playing. Creating such a list can be done using karaoke songbook software which will ease the creation and printing of your songbook.

The features that most karaoke songbook software will have in common are:

- Print songbook with a selection of different songbook layouts.
- Import song data from a database. Sometimes the data is supplied by the software developer, sometimes you can import your own data.
- Manage and edit the song information in your songbook.

If you are creating a songbook using a large karaoke CD collection then you may want to consider using a songbook creator that retrieves the song numbers from an external database containing the karaoke CD manufacture song numbers. This will allow speed up time and make the song numbers accurate. One such software that does this very well is Karaoke Song List Creator from airwer.com. Karaoke Song List Creator supports most major disk manufacturer numbers and is very easy to use.

There are occasions when you want to create a songbook for a hard disk-based system or for the songs on your USB drive that don't have disk numbers. This will require more professional karaoke songbook creation software such as FastTracks V2 Songbook Creator by karaokeware.com. FastTracks V2 also has a lot of professional features including CSV data import and different songbook layout options.

Online Karaoke Songbook Publishing

There is a selection of online services that allow you to publish your songbook online. One that I have found good is songbookdb.com which is simple to use and allows people to view your songbook on any internet-enabled smartphone. sonbookdb.com offers a free account. There are others including songbookslive.com which offer online songbook hosting but this is not a free service.