Karaoke Players for Kids and The Karaoke Machines Made for Children

Karaoke players for kids are a good way to introduce children to the fun of karaoke. Find out what makes these special karaoke players great for kids.

Karaoke Players for Kids - Singing Machine sml383 BlackKaraoke Players for Kids

There are a range of karaoke players that are designed for kids. Most of them are karaoke CD players with CD+G disk support.

The most common karaoke players that are made for kids have a speaker built in and include a microphone.

Several manufacturers including Singing Machine have built karaoke players designed to appeal to kids 6 years and above. Many are designed around a theme such as the sml383 which comes in a variety of colours including pink or black.

The portable karaoke players for kids will plug into a TV and many of them have Echo Control, Volume Controls and Auto Voice Control (AVC). Some models are powered by batteries making them portable and good for karaoke in the living room or bedroom without the need for the kids to be using electricity from the mains power.

The price of karaoke players designed for kids is often lower than more advanced karaoke systems but children will still enjoy the features they do have as well as the simplicity of operation.

A popular brand of machine for young children is the Singing Machine range which are karaoke CD players which come in many different styles to appeal to different children. For the older kids the Magic Sing is the one of the most popular brands because of the huge amount of songs the device has build in and adults will also enjoy the professionalism of this system.


You can buy your kids a karaoke machine from most karaoke stores and some electronic stores. Purchasing the machine online is often an easier way to get the most popular brands that your kids will love.

There is a range of karaoke machines for kids listed in the karaoke store at KaraokePlayers.info and this is a good place to find some karaoke music for them too.


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