Karaoke Player Software for Windows Desktops and Laptops

Karaoke player software will let you use a computer as a karaoke machine and host your own karaoke party. You can use your home PC to host a karaoke party for your friends or set up a dedicated computer as a PC-based karaoke system and become a professional KJ. This article outlines the most popular karaoke software used by professional KJ and home karaoke enthusiasts.

Karaoke software for windows



Karaoke Software

PCDJ Karaoki is a low-cost professional karaoke hosting solution. The software is the entry level software with the power to grow with you. PCDJ KARAOKI is professional karaoke software designed for the working KJ to karaoke enthusiast. Use with MP3+G, karaoke Zip files, and most video formats to display clear on-screen lyrics. Complete with key control, on-deck singers list, news ticker and much more. Enhance your show with this simple yet powerful karaoke software player! You can buy PDDJ Karaoki from Amazon.


ARIA for Windows

ARIA for Windows is an all-in-one entertainment software made just for music lovers who don’t want technology to get in the way of the good times. The simple ARIA interface lets you get into the mix, or sing karaoke right away. There are three different ARIA play modes to choose from including a karaoke mode. You can even download the free trial version try and see how you go.


Singing Superstar

Singing Superstar is a fully-fledged Karaoke system that harnesses the power of your PC. You can test your skills with real-time golden notes, line bonuses and popup's as you sing along with your favorite song.