Karaoke Party Planning and Running a Smooth Karaoke Event

Karaoke party planning is important to make your karaoke event run smoothly and we will give you some tips to help make your next karaoke party a success.

Karaoke Party Planning AND Running a Karaoke EventKaraoke Party Planning AND Running a Karaoke Event

- Make sure all the equipment is working and ready to be used before your guests arrive. Sing a song or two and be sure the karaoke system is working the way it should.

- Have a song book prepared. Make sure there is a listing of songs for people to look at with reserve numbers. Most karaoke songbooks contain the song number, song title and name of the original artist who made the song famous.

- Have an allocated person (KJ) to reserve songs requested by your guests. They should write down the name of the guest and the song number before they add it to the karaoke machine playlist in case the karaoke machine crashes. In the case of a power out or machine glitch the playlist can be quickly added again from the written notes. The KJ should be familiar with the operation if the karaoke machine to help make the party run smoother.

- Be aware of the surrounding environment and make sure the neighbors will not be upset with the noise.

- Ensure there is plenty of water and other drink available. Singing can make people thirsty so be sure to have some drinks ready.