Karaoke Party Games to Play With Any Karaoke Player or Karaoke System

We all like to make our karaoke party a fun night so we have come up with a few karaoke games to play if you find people need some motivation. These games can be player using any karaoke system.

Karaoke Party Games to Play With Any Karaoke PlayerKaraoke Party Games for Any Karaoke System

Guess The Song – You can have a song guessing competition. Give everybody a pen and some paper, then play 5 to 10 karaoke songs. Everybody writes down the song name and artist who made it popular for each song. The person who gets the most correct answers is the winner. You could also have separate points for the correct song name and correct artist. Make sure the viewing screen is out of sight from the people playing this game.

Sing to A Different Theme – This is when the singer does not sing the original words to the song being played because other lyrics are given to them or a topic they much song about is given to them. Play the karaoke song as you would but give the singer a theme they have to song to and change the words. This could be a passage from a book, another song lyric or a theme such as something about love, something about their partner, something about them. There are many different ways you can have fun with this karaoke game so be creative and use the general idea to make a custom game that will work well for your karaoke party.

Group Song – Sing a song as a group. Every person in the group gets a verse and everybody comes together for the chorus. This can be fun.