Karaoke Party Etiquette and How to Enjoy a Karaoke Party

You want everybody to have a good time at your next karaoke event so we have some pointers to help things run smoothly.

Karaoke Party Etiquette Tips

- Only reserve songs you want to sing and that you know.

- Never reserve songs if you know you will be leaving before your place in the cue arrives.

- Do not monopolise the system. Some occasions allow more than one song in a row but as a general rule please reserve a song then allow somebody else to reserve one. The fun is in the sharing.

- If you are not the heavy weight karaoke champion of the world there is no need to pretend you are. Karaoke is for people of all skill levels and people love to sing to have fun without a review of their performance. A simple clap or cheer or complement is always welcomed but please keep other comments about somebody singing to yourself unless you are asked.

- Be aware of the next door neighbours if you are doing karaoke at home. Set a reasonable time to stop before the noise becomes an unjustifiable disturbance. We suggest a 9:00pm stop time for louder karaoke parties at home.