Karaoke File Formats Explained for New Karaoke Enthusiasts

There are several popular karaoke file formats used to distribute karaoke songs and we will outline them for you.

Karaoke File Formats

Karaoke files are comprised of audio, graphics, and lyrics so when they are played in a karaoke player the performer can sing along in time with the music while reading the song lyrics on the screen.


Here are the most popular karaoke file formats used by karaoke players.

This is a popular karaoke file format used with computer software that allows your computer to be used as a karaoke player. The MP3+G contains two files that are used by the karaoke software to present the song in a professional way. One file is an MP3 audio file containing the music and the second file is a video file containing the lyric and other graphical information.

MP4 files are a single video file that can be played on most computers including smartphones and tablets. MP4 files can be played in any media player software that can support MP4 files. No special karaoke software is required to play MP4 files.

Midi files are a popular way to enjoy karaoke and can be played on most computer-based karaoke software. MIDI files do not contain any sound or music. The MIDI file contains data that talks to the computer software which will provide the instruments. This is why midi karaoke often sounds less professional and is most commonly used for personal entertainment.

Almost every type of video format can be used for Karaoke files including WMV files that can be played on most desktop and laptop computers.

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