Karaoke DVD and How to Find Karaoke Songs on DVD

When you are buying karaoke on a disk you will often see special karaoke disks formatted for special karaoke players that may not play on a normal DVD player. We will explain what a karaoke DVD is and show you places to buy karaoke on DVD.

Karaoke DVD ImageKaraoke DVD - The Difference

A karaoke CD player is designed to play special karaoke disks that have been formatted for karaoke. This is an advantage for people with a special karaoke disk player but if you have a standard DVD player that does not play special karaoke disks you can still get karaoke music on standard DVD.

The karaoke songs on a standard DVD are usually one file for each song and each one is a short film containing the music, the on-screen lyrics and in many cases a video clip that plays in the background. You can select the song to play from the DVD menu the same way you select a chapter or option on a movie DVD.


You can buy karaoke music on DVD at many music stores or online auctions. Karaoke is harder to find on DVD because the preferred format for karaoke disks by most karaoke music manufactures is actually CD+G. Before you purchased the karaoke disk make sure it has the DVD label on the case so you know it will play in your standard DVD player.

The other way to get Karaoke on DVD is to purchase the karaoke song as a downloadable video file then create your own karaoke DVD using the purchased downloads.