Karaoke Amplifiers Explained and Choosing an Amplifier

Karaoke amplifiers are a key part of any karaoke system and handle the sound before it goes to the speakers. The amplifier can determine the volume of the sound and many amplifiers have an on board mixer and effects processor.

Karaoke Amplifiers

Karaoke Amplifiers for Any Karaoke System Including Two Karaoke Amplifier Examples

When you are ready to build your professional karaoke systems you will need a karaoke amplifier. Your karaoke player and microphones connect to the amplifier which takes the sound and amplifies it before it sends the sound to the speakers. Karaoke amplifiers often allow you to connect other devices as well as your karaoke player so they can be used as a general stereo receiver amplifier.

A lot of karaoke amplifiers have an echo effect processor built in and include a way to control the amount of echo and the type of echo you want. An important feature of the amplifier it to have microphone inputs and I highly recommend you look for an amplifier that has two or more microphone inputs.

Some karaoke amplifies have an equalizer (EQ) that will allow you to control the bass and treble level outputs which means the karaoke amplifier a mixer are all in one device. Your karaoke set up may include a separate karaoke mixer so it may not be essential for you to have this feature built into an amplifier but having them all in one could make it easier for you to adjust the sound to suite the room where your karaoke event will take place.

Important Karaoke Amplifier Features

There are some features you will want to have and I have listed them here for you.

  • Microphone input connections (at least two)
  • Input connection from karaoke player
  • Output connections to speakers (left and right)
  • Inputs from karaoke player
  • Volume control of total output sound (master or main volume)
  • Volume control for microphone inputs

Optional and Beneficial Karaoke Amplifier Features

There are some features you may need if your karaoke setup does not include a dedicated karaoke mixer.

  • Echo control
  • Inputs for other devices
  • EQ (equalizer)

Recommended Karaoke Amplifiers

You will be the only one who knows what karaoke amplifier is the best for your setup but here are some I recommend.

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