Free Karaoke Downloads and The Copyright Issues

Free karaoke downloads are available across many sites on the internet making it seem like a cheap way to build your karaoke collection. This can be damaging to the karaoke track production companies and it is also an offense meaning you could be breaking the law.


Creating professional sounding karaoke tracks that sound close to the original version takes skill and is time consuming and most often it will cost money. There are many laws regarding the reproduction or creating music based on an original work but we will not cover them in this article.

There are many places that offer free karaoke downloads via the Internet. If you want to make sure your karaoke song collection is legal then the best option is to download them from a site that has a license to sell or distribute the karaoke tunes they have on offer. Free karaoke downloads can sometimes be of poor quality and not produced professionally. Which makes them less enjoyable at a karaoke party or event.

Here are some helpful tips to make site your karaoke collection is legal:

- Only download karaoke tracks from karaoke download stores that hold a license to sell and distribute the tracks they have on offer.
- Look for companies offering a free track or free CD based on how many orders you place.
- If you are not sure stick to the well established sites selling karaoke downloads.