FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator Review

Creating karaoke songbooks has been simplified by Karaokeware with their songbook creation software called FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator. We will talk about FastTracks and some of the features of this karaoke songbook software.

GETTING INTO  FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator

FastTracks is a desktop application that will allow anybody with basic computer skills to create a karaoke songbook. The software can import song lists from an existing database or you can make your own songbook from scratch.

Karaoke SongBook Software - FastTracks V2 Songbook Creator Screen Shot

There are two additions of FastTracks. The Basic version has some powerful features for enthusiasts and is the ideal songbook creation software for anybody who wants a hassle free way to make a songbook and print it using a selection of professional layouts. The Plus version has all the benefits if the light version plus some impressive publishing options for the KJ or business including an option to create their songbook in a format that can be uploaded to the Internet.


I gave the light version a trial run and found importing songbook information from an existing song list database was easy. A correctly formatted CSV file made in excel was imported quickly with no errors. The help files guided me and provide the correct format required for the CSV file.

FastTracks added songs to my songbook from a commercial CDG created by one of hundreds of known manufactures. I just selected the disk title and track then added that to my songbook. The software comes with a database of known CDG manufactures making the process of adding the songs to your songbook quick and easy.

The free trial version is limited to 15 days and there is a limit of 500 songs for the songbook so the full version is needed to create large songbooks.

I was able to design and print songbooks and CD labels in the Basic version. There is also an option to design and print song request slips and general management reports but for that you will need the Plus version.

The theme of the songbook can be selected from a number of professional looking report layouts which include single and double column layouts. The header and footer font style can be changed as well as fonts for the song title, artist and other text. There are some advanced printing options including the option to offset pages for binding if using a folder for the pages of your songbook.

FastTracks SongBook Creator v2 is the most advanced karaoke songbook creation software available and makes making songbooks easy. I found the software a jot to use and had no problems creating a songbook. I would love to see an option to remove disk numbers from songbooks which would be useful for owners of hard disk karaoke players but other than that it is great.

Pros: Easy to use, Powerful features, stable, saves time.
Needs improvement: Limited to only 6 songbook styles and only two are multi column layouts. needs option to exclude the disk number form the songbook print out.

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