Computer Karaoke Systems and Using a Computer for Karaoke

A computer karaoke system is a flexible way to have fun with karaoke and we will explain the advantages of computer karaoke systems and show you how to use your computer as a karaoke system.

Computer Karaoke Systems

A computer can be used for many things such as playing music, watching videos and reading documents and one of the other great things you can use a computer for is Karaoke.

Using a computer as a karaoke system gives you the flexibility to have a large song collection using multiple file-formats because the only restriction will be the software you use to host the karaoke event. The most popular formats supported by computer karaoke systems are MP3+G, AVI, and MPG but almost any video format can be used as a karaoke file when you are using a computer as a karaoke player.

Connecting a computer to a karaoke mixer or sound system is usually very easy. Most computers will have a sound out which can be connected to a mixer or speakers using the correct cable. many computers will have a microphone input so a microphone can be connected directly to the computer.

We recommend a computer karaoke system be connected to a karaoke mixer so multiple microphones can be used and the mixer will give you more control over the volume levels for the music and singers but for a home setup you can easily get by with only the computer and a pair of computer speakers.

Computer Karaoke Hosting Software

A computer karaoke system is powered by special karaoke player software. Some computer-based karaoke software can be used to reserve and play songs from a playlist while other karaoke player software will allow you to simply play the individual karaoke tracks. the karaoke software used will determine the main features of your karaoke system and will be the part of your system that people interact with most of the time when enjoying reserving songs and reading the on-screen lyrics. Some software that very popular and of good value includes PCDJ KARAOKI Software and the other great software listed in the karaoke store at Karaoke Players Info.

Where to Buy a Computer Karaoke System

You can buy a computer karaoke system in two ways. The first way is to buy a computer from your local computer dealer and tell them you need to have a sound output so you can connect it to a sound system for karaoke and you need a microphone input in case you decide not to get a karaoke mixer. You can then install come karaoke software on this computer and begin to use it as your karaoke system. The second way you can buy a computer karaoke system is to find a karaoke dealer that will sell an already configured computer karaoke system. this can often be an expensive option but is a good idea for non-technical people who don;'t want to install and set up their own computer and software.