How to Get Cheap Karaoke Add-on Items Like Microphone Cables

When you buy a karaoke system you may need to buy add-ons such as audio cables which are not usually supplied with the equipment being purchased. I wilol show you how to find them and how to get add-ons cheap when you buy a karaoke system.

Bundles Buy You Cheaper Karaoke Add-ons

Buying your karaoke system components is an exciting part of getting set up for karaoke fun but you will find many extra add-ons are needed to get things working,. Some of the most important things you will need are audio cables, microphone protectors and microphone stands. You can get these form the same place you buy your karaoke system and I suggest you ask the dealer if you can get a discount on them if you but it all together.

Here is an Example of Getting A Discounted Bundle Deal

A good example of buying add-ons cheaper is when you purchase your karaoke mixer or karaoke player from Amazon you can buy a good quality microphone cableKaraoke Microphone Cable as an add-on at a reduced price making it a wise choose to purchase the cables at the same time as other equipment.

Here is how you do this: To get a good quality microphone cable as an add-on you will add a VocoPro DA-1000 Karaoke MixerKaraoke Mixer or any other karaoke equipment to your shopping cart and then add an item only sold as an add-on such as a microphone cableCable for a Karaoke Mixer you your order. This cable can only be ordered with another item because the low cost of these cables makes it very cost-prohibitive to ship them to you on their own as a separate order. Following these steps will help you get the microphone cable at a very good price.

Your Local Karaoke Dealer Can Discount Too

If you are not going to buy your karaoke system online then you can talk to thew sales representative at your karaoke or electronics store if they will give you a discount on cables and other accessories if you purchase them all together. This can save you money and you will have all the equipment you need for your karaoke system sooner. This can also save you time not having to search for cheaper accessories in other stores.

Other Optional Add-on Accessories to Consider Buying

Foam Ball Mic WindscreenWind screen for microphone - This will help protect the microphone from spit when people are singing close to the microphone and it also helps reduce the wind noise as people breathe into the microphone.

Microphone StandMicrophone Stand - While a lot of karaoke singers prefer to hold the microphone in their hands some may prefer to have is on a stand. A microphone stand is good if you do not want your microphones to be dropped by singers.

Adapter 1/4" (6.3mm) Male to 1/8" (3.5mm) FemaleHeadphone Adapter - Sometimes you will need one of these to connect headphones or earplugs to a karaoke mixer because the connection on a mixer is usually larger. The otehr option is to purchase professional headphones with the correct connection.