CDG Players and Information about This Popular Type of Karaoke Player

If you are a karaoke enthusiast I am sure you have heard of a CDG player many times before. If this is all new to you then we will tell you about CDG players and what they are and how they are used for karaoke.

CDG Karaoke Players

A CDG player is also known as a CD+G player which will play a special type of karaoke disk. The CD+G CD is much like a standard compact disk but it contains special karaoke files that have been formatted specifically for karaoke. The disk contains the music for each song as well as the on-screen lyrics synchronized with the music.

Most karaoke players will play disks that have CDG karaoke songs on them which means that CDG karaoke players are often available in stores and even the cheaper players will be CDG players. Some companies including The Singing Machine create a range of CDG players for personal use and also themed players for children to help make karaoke fun. You can find some of them at many stores including

Professional KJ’s will often have a CDG player in their setup and maybe even two. Many modern karaoke players support a USB drive so the KJ does not have to bring a CD collection to every show.

Over the last few years, computer-based CDG players have become more popular and most karaoke player software can also be considered as CDG player software.

The CDG player is one of the most popular ways that people enjoy karaoke. Karaoke disks that will play on these players are also reasonably priced so you can quickly build a CD collection of songs you love to sing.