Buying Karaoke Downloads Compared to The Option of Buying Karaoke CDs

Buying karaoke downloads to use on your karaoke player or computer is easier than ever and we will compare this to the alternative option of buying a karaoke CD with the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of each.

Buying Karaoke Downloads 'v's Buying Karaoke CD

Now we will take a closer look at the two most popular ways of purchasing karaoke songs so you can decide what option is best for you.

Buying Karaoke CD

Karaoke songs have been sold on CD for many years and there was a time when the easiest way to find the karaoke songs you wanted was to buy a karaoke CD containing the song. A karaoke CD is usually a DVD or video CD containing video footage but modern karaoke disks contain CD+G files.

Karaoke CD Pros:

CD can be purchased at discount stores and can be cheaper than buying songs online if you look around.

Karaoke CD Cons:

- CD can get scratched if not cared for correctly. They are easily damaged.
- CD requires storage space. A large collection can occupy a lot of space. A large collection can be less portable if you are taking your karaoke show on the road.
- CD player has moving parts and is subject to damage from continuous use.

Buying Karaoke Downloads

The modern karaoke player supports multiple ways to play karaoke music. Karaoke files can be played from a USB device or SD card and some players have an internal hard disk.

Getting the music to these devices can be done by buying karaoke songs from karaoke download sites. When you buy karaoke downloads you can play them on a computer or karaoke media player.

Karaoke Downloads Cons:

- Can be more expensive than buying a CD. Digital products are not second-hand or sold in discount stores.
- You will need to take responsibility for keeping backups of your purchased files.

Karaoke Downloads Pros:

- Select the exact track you want to buy. You will only buy the songs you want.
- Multiple formats are available including MP4 and CD+G. Some karaoke downloads stores sell multiple formats while some are a specialist in one format.
- Instant access to downloads. You do not need to rip the tracks from CD before you can put the song on your USB device or SD card.

Where to Buy Karaoke Songs

You can see the karaoke store links section of for online stores selling karaoke downloads and karaoke CDs.