Buy Karaoke Downloads the Legal Way and Enjoy Singing

Buy karaoke downloads from legal karaoke stores and save them to your computer. You can then copy the karaoke files to a CD, hard disk or USB flash drive to be used by your karaoke player.

You can download karaoke songs from the Internet from many karaoke download websites. A karaoke download site will provide a searchable catalogue of songs that you can purchase and download. Many of these sites will list songs from many karaoke music production companies and give you a small preview of the song before you purchase it. The cost of a karaoke download will depend on the site and files format.

Beware of free sites. Some websites offer free karaoke songs but we suggest you check with the site owner or read the site help files to find out what license these karaoke downloads are released under because they sometimes link to illegal downloads. Note that free karaoke is not always illegal but downloading and using copyright material is breaking the law can get you in trouble.


You can use KARAOKI by PCDJ software to download karaoke songs and perform them.