Karaoke Microphone Covers and Choosing a Microphone Cover

Microphone covers are useful to protect your microphone when there are a lot of people singing karaoke because they protect the microphone from the spit that comes out of a singer when they sing and they help reduce the noise of wind when a singer breaths too close the the microphone. I will show you what a microphone cover is with places to buy a microphone cover.

How to Get Cheap Karaoke Add-on Items Like Microphone Cables

When you buy a karaoke system you may need to buy add-ons such as audio cables which are not usually supplied with the equipment being purchased. I wilol show you how to find them and how to get add-ons cheap when you buy a karaoke system.

Karaoke Apps for the iPhone to Sing Karaoke With Your Phone

The iPhone has changed the way we listen to music and watch videos on the move but does it stack up as a karaoke player.

Karaoke Hire and Choosing the Right Karaoke Hire Company

Karaoke hire is a good option if you are having a party or event and only need the karaoke system for a short time. We will explain karaoke hire companies and how to find a good karaoke hire company.

Karaoke Party Games to Play With Any Karaoke Player or Karaoke System

We all like to make our karaoke party a fun night so we have come up with a few karaoke games to play if you find people need some motivation. These games can be player using any karaoke system.