Karaoke Speakers Explained and How to Buy Karaoke Speakers

Karaoke speakers are an important feature of any karaoke system and the right karaoke speakers can make a big difference to the sound quality of your setup.

How to Create Your Own Custom Karaoke CD

Creating your own custom karaoke CD can be done several ways and we will cover the most common ways to create your own karaoke disk.

Where to Buy Karaoke Players Online Right Now

Where to buy karaoke players is a question we are asked time and time again so we decided to write an article outlining our ideas and advice regarding places to buy a karaoke player.

Free Karaoke Downloads and The Copyright Issues

Free karaoke downloads are available across many sites on the internet making it seem like a cheap way to build your karaoke collection. This can be damaging to the karaoke track production companies and it is also an offense meaning you could be breaking the law.

How to Connect a Karaoke Player to Your TV

Connecting your new karaoke player to your TV for the first time can be an exciting experience and we will give you some tips to get you started.